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Troubled bridge over water, North Cascades NP ➾ Jayme Gordon

Fall Out Boy live in London (x)


If someone ever ask me who all time low is i will show them this photo


It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

Fight Club (1999) 

I’m also really disorientated like not even just when I’m tired or waking up or whatever but like all the time I’ll be looking at something then not know where I am or think I’m somewhere else it’s really weird and I don’t like it my brain is p blurry rn

So like I don’t think I’ve gotten much actual sleep since like Sunday like I’ve been getting 6-9 hours which is acceptable but I’ve been dreaming like cray like a hell of a lot so it’s not like restful actual sleep and now I’ve just stopped sleeping like I got up at 4pm yesterday and have been tired since I got up and now it’s 11am and I’m so fucking exhausted its ridiculous and I’m in so much pain and my eyes are just pain and j can not sleep at all its impossible and I’m going to die

I think I’m so tired that I’m not tired anymore, I’m just pain